Side effects of junk food

side effects of junk foodsTime and time again we hail, praise and highly recommend healthy eating – but always for good reason! You see, over time junk food severely harms your body in more ways than one.

Sure, you probably heard that junk food is bad, but exactly how bad is it? Well, that is why we are here to keep you informed on matters of health. Below are just some of the ways that consuming junk food affects your health.

Side effects of junk food



junk foodFatigued, sluggish and always tired? Take a look at your diet for some clues as to why you have low energy. Eating junk food can truly zap your energy. Ever notice that after consuming a high-sugar item you’re left feeling drained and tired? That’s because sugar sends us on a crash-and-burn trajectory.

When we initially consume food with high sugar, the sugar surges through our body and spikes our insulin. For a short while we will feel alert and excited. But once all that added glucose becomes absorbed that spike spirals right down, leaving us feeling groggy and unenergetic.

Instead of consuming quick-fix foods, eat foods that stabilize sugar so you won’t experience a crash and will be on your way to having all-day energy.


junk food bad for heart If you frequently visit the drive-thru you’re increasing your cholesterol. Over time a buildup of cholesterol can prevent blood flow leading to severe heart troubles. Regardless of the impending damage junk food has, almost immediately after consuming a meal with saturated fat your arteries begin to narrow.

A Canadian study revealed healthy men who were fed a meal high in saturated fat had their artery walls narrow by 24 percent only two hours post meal. This can lead to high blood pressure and other heart problems later on.


junk food bad for memoryIf you can’t seem to concentrate after a meal, blame what you just ate. Research from the University of Cambridge noticed that after feeding rats a high-fat diet, after nine days the rats made more mistakes getting through a maze in comparison to the healthy rats. The research is now being continued on humans.

If your daily lunch or dinner is coming from a fast-food joint, or is simply not the healthiest, take the time to make a whole meal to boost brain health, not diminish it.


reduce sugar consumptionsYou don’t have to be vain to want to hold on to your looks. But if looking forever young is your goal, stay away from junk food. A study published in Immunity suggests high-fat foods can bloat your skin just as much as your stomach. Mice that were fed high-fat diets had noticeable changes in their skin, including inflammation.

Instead of spending countless dollars on facial creams, simply eat better to preserve your good looks.

As you can see, junk food can play a role in many different areas of the body and health. If you didn’t think there was anything wrong with eating junk food before, we hope you have reconsidered. Many of the findings occurred within short spans of time, so don’t believe for a second that you won’t notice the effects for decades to come.

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