Shoveling Snow Is Associated with a Heart Attack If You’re Not Careful

With winter in full swing, experts are reminding people that shoveling snow could end in a heart attack if not careful. The most at risk are middle-aged people who ignore their pre-existing risks for heart attack.

The cold weather and the physical work of shoveling can cause the arteries to spasm and constrict, so it is advised that those who are more at risk take extra care. The risk is higher for adults who have previously had heart attacks or who suffer from any type of heart or vascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol. These conditions put people at higher risk of having blockages in the heart’s arteries.


“During the snow season, we do get heart attack victims who were exposed to the cold weather while doing strenuous activities like shoveling snow,” said Dr. Sam Kazziha, chief of cardiovascular services at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital in Detroit.

Typical symptoms of a heart attack include chest pressure or tightness, lightheadedness, a feeling of indigestion, neck or jaw pain, shortness of breath, tingling or pain down the arms, cold sweats, or feeling nauseous.

Some safety tips when shoveling snow include:

  • Dress warmly with layers that cover your nose and mouth to limit the amount of cold air you inhale.
  • Shovel in sections, clear small areas one at a time, and take regular breaks.
  • Push the snow using a short, quick stroke instead of lifting it. If snow is deep, clear it in later to avoid fatigue.
  • Hire a snow clearing company or neighborhood kid.

Take Heart Health Seriously

Aging adults need to take heart health seriously and understand their risk factors, especially when doing strenuous activities. A strong, healthy heart works around the clock to help you enjoy a high-quality life as you age. But for those who may be concerned about their heart health, Heart Rescue may be able to help.

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So, this winter, keep your heart healthy by following some easy shoveling tips and taking Heart Rescue for continued support.

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