Regular Exercise May Provide Relief Form Dry Eyes: Study

Researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada have found a surprising link between dry eyes and exercise. Physical activity is known to help with various health issues, but this new discovery may help many who experience dry eyes, which is a condition becoming increasingly common due to screen time.


The eyes are covered in a protective tear film that gets refreshed when blinking. This protective coating is essential for maintaining healthy ocular function and is comprised of oil, water, and mucin. When part of the tear film becomes unstable, the surface of the eye can develop dry spots, causing symptoms such as itchy eyes or stinging and burning sensations.

To find an effective preventative measure for dry eyes, researchers examined fifty-two participants who were divided into two groups – athlete and non-athlete. Participants in the athlete group performed aerobic exercise at least five times per week, while non-athletes exercised no more than once per week. Before and five minutes after each exercise, visual examinations were performed to assess tear secretion and tear break up.

The group of athletes showed the most significant increase in tear production, but study authors say that all participants experienced a meaningful boost in tear quality and quantity after the exercise sessions.

Study author Heinz Otchere explained, “It can be challenging for people to regularly exercise when the demand is there to work longer hours increasingly in from of screens.”

Eye Health

With more people spending most of their day in front of a screen, researchers must understand preventative measures to help with dryness and overall eye health. It is also up to each individual to understand the importance of eye health and how to take care of the eyes properly. Exercise and healthy eating are a couple of lifestyle choices that can be made to help keep eyes healthy.


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