Is This the Reason for Your Poor Sleep?

fan and sleepIt’s still summer, which means it’s quite hot. Many areas are experiencing heat waves that can make doing just about anything very uncomfortable, sleeping included. Even if you have an air conditioner, you still may find that your bedroom is hot and uncomfortable. As a solution, you may have invested in a fan to stay cool. Although you may feel refreshed, this habit could be hurting your sleep.

Although the act of circulating air is not harmful to your health or sleep, a fan can cause other types of irritants that can disrupt your sleep. For example, an oscillating fan can evaporate moisture from your mouth and nasal passages, which causes them to become dry. Furthermore, for those with allergies, a fan can circulate dust and other irritants that can trigger an allergic reaction.


To avoid these issues, it’s recommended that if using a fan to stay cool, it’s further away from you. It may also be beneficial to perform saline irrigations to keep nasal passages moist and reduce congestion.

For some, being exposed to cold air can cause muscles to contract, leading to a stiff neck. This problem is more common when sleeping near an air conditioner, so it’s also safe to sleep further away from AC units.

Bedroom temperature should not be lower than 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius).

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