Raw Vegan Diet May Lead to Health Risk: Study

Healthy vegetarian food background. Vegetables, hummus, pesto and lentil curry with tofu.Vegan food has become a bit of a trend lately, and for a good reason. It has been shown to have many health benefits, including lower heart disease risk, decreased body weight, and low cholesterol levels. However, some people are only eating raw plant foods as an extreme form of veganism which may be causing some health problems.

Proponents of the raw vegan diet claim that cooking causes ingredients to lose important enzymes and nutrients. They believe that by consuming the food raw, their diet will prevent and reverse disease, improve energy levels, and improve overall health. However, new research is suggesting that raw vegan diets, if followed for a long period, may cause more harm than good.


While it is true that some vegetables may lose nutrients during cooking, there are others that have greater nutrients when cooked. This is due to the nutrients binding within the cell walls of the vegetables. Cooking can break down the walls allowing the nutrients to be released and more readily absorbed by the body.

For example, when spinach is cooked, the body can absorb the calcium it contains more easily. Tomatoes are another great example of a food that can offer health benefits when cooked. During the cooking process, tomatoes may lose some of their vitamin C content, but it also increases their lycopene content by more than 50%. Lycopene has been associated with a lower risk of chronic diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and heart disease.

Studies have shown that vitamin and mineral deficiencies are common in those who follow a plant-based diet. This is because many foods containing high levels of these vitamins and minerals come from animals. Of particular concern are vitamin B12 levels. Research has found that 38% of people on a strict raw food diet are deficient in vitamin B12. This is especially concerning since a vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with various health concerns, including vision problems, depression and other mood disorders, jaundice, and mouth ulcers.

While vegan food may offer many health benefits, the raw vegan diet may take things too far and could come with risk factors. If you plan on following a raw vegan diet, you must check your body’s vitamin levels regularly to ensure it gets the vitamins and minerals needed to stay healthy.

Maintaining General Health

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Sarah began her interest in nutritional healing at an early age. After going through health problems and becoming frustrated with the conventional ways doctors wanted to treat her illness (which were not working), she took it upon herself to find alternative treatments. This led her to revolutionize her own diet to help her get healthier and tackle her health problems. She began treating her illness by living a more balanced lifestyle through healthy food choices, exercise and other alternative medicine such as meditation. This total positive lifestyle change led her to earn a diploma in Nutritional Therapy from Health Sciences Academy in London, England. Today, Sarah enjoys helping others by teaching healthy lifestyle changes through her personal consultations and with her regular contributions to the Doctors Health Press. Also, passionate about following her dreams in life, Sarah moved to France and lived in Paris for over 5 years where she earned a certification in beadwork and embroidery from Lesage (an atelier owned by Chanel). She then went on to be a familiar face sitting front row and reporting from Paris Fashion Week. Sarah continues to practice some of the cultural ways of life she learned while in Europe. They enjoy their food, and take the time to relax and enjoy many of life’s little moments. These are life lessons she is glad to have brought back home with her.