Prostate Problems, Erectile Dysfunction Associated with Depression, Sleep Disorders

prostate problemsProstate problems, lower urinary tract symptoms, bladder problems, and erectile dysfunction are associated with depression and sleep disorders, according to research findings.

The findings suggest that doctors should be aware of their male patients risks of such problems if they already suffer from depression and sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea. This can help not only provide better diagnosis, but offer up improved treatment options.


The study included 124 patients who visited a Men’s Health clinic in the US and completed three urological questionnaires. The questionnaires asked about prostate problems, erectile dysfunction, and if these issues were associated with aging. The men also filled out questionnaires about their sleep habits and general health. Questionnaires were evaluated alongside the participants medical history and laboratory tests. The average age of the participants was 54 years of age.

Researcher Arman Walia explained, “When addressing the entirety of a patient’s disease burden, a practicing urologist should consider these associations while evaluating a patient, particularly because non-urologic disease may negatively impact urologic disease. Urologists are not specifically trained in sleep medicine or how to manage depression, and therefore should have an appropriate threshold for referral. This underscores the importance of screening for conditions, thereby preventing patients from slipping through the cracks and being able to more accurately identify those in need of further intervention.”

The study highlights that many urological-related issues may stem from an underlying cause often not related to the urinary system, like sleep problems or even mental health issues. Overlooking these areas of health, though, could prolong diagnosis and lead to the delay of proper treatment. This is why it’s so important to uncover the correct underlying cause of issues in order to improve outcomes.

If you experience excessive tiredness, changes in mood and behavior, headaches upon awakening, are overweight or have hypertension, then speak to your doctor about being evaluated for a sleep condition or mental health evaluation, which could be contributing to additional health problems.

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