Poorer Sleep Quality Linked to Greater Anger Levels: Study

According to a new study, poorer sleep quality is linked with greater anger levels. The study, published in Sleep Health: Journal of the National Sleep Foundation, found that people who reported poor sleep quality were more likely to be angry and hostile outside the bedroom. While the findings don’t prove that poor sleep causes anger, it’s an important area for further research.

The study analyzed the sleep patterns of 79 EMS workers from Central New York. It was found that those who typically experienced poorer sleep quality reported greater anger levels of 18 to 35 percent higher compared to their peers who received fair sleep quality. It was also noted that regardless of typical sleep quality, those who had one night of poor sleep experienced higher levels of anger.


“We examined sleep quality as opposed to sleep quantity. This was intentional,” said lead study author Bryce Hruska. “While both sleep quantity and sleep quality are important sleep metrics, research indicates that sleep quality may be a superior predictor of many health and emotion-related outcomes.”

In the workplace, there have previously been documented connections between anger and its impact on organizational function. For example, if a supervisor uses anger to influence employee behavior, it could lead to strained interpersonal relationships. Researchers believe this study can help outline better working environments, especially in areas such as emergency medicine, because high-functioning teams are vital for effective patient care.

For EMS workers, the difficult work during the pandemic may have caused poor sleep, leading to anger issues. However, for the rest of us, it could be family stress, work-related stress, or environmental stressors causing poor sleep quality. No matter what your occupation, it’s vital to get a quality night’s sleep to help reduce the chance of any anger issues.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor about what might help. Poor sleep can have other negative consequences apart from anger, so getting on top of it is essential.

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