Poor circulation update: Poor circulation in fingers, hands and feet, poor circulation treatment

Poor circulation in handsPoor circulation occurs when your body isn’t getting sufficient blood supply to the tissues and organs. This condition can lead many unwanted symptoms and often signal an underlying problem. For this reason, we at Bel Marra feel our readers should be knowledgeable about this relativity common phenomenon. We have compiled some of our best articles on the subject, touching on topics such as poor circulation in fingers and poor circulation treatment. We have also provided information on various foods that increase blood flow so that you can get started on promoting your health today.

Poor circulation in hands: Causes and how to improve it

Poor circulation in the hands can occur when you have poor circulation overall. While most cases of poor circulation have prominent effects on the legs and feet, the hands are not immune.


Generalized conditions resulting in poor circulation, such as atherosclerosis or peripheral artery disease, can sometimes lead to poor circulation in the hands. There are other causes that are more specific to this body part. Continue reading…

Poor circulation in fingersPoor circulation in fingers: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Poor circulation in your fingers may be the result of something as simple as being too sedentary, but it can also be the sign of a more serious condition. Many people only experience a blue or purple hue in their fingers in cold and wintery conditions, but others have poor circulation under other circumstances.

Here, we take a closer look at the causes of poor circulation in the fingers and how it can be treated. Continue reading…

Poor circulation in feetPoor circulation in feet: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

While poor circulation in the feet is not a disease on its own, it’s often the sign of another medical health issue that prevents proper circulation of blood to the distant extremities.

Many abnormalities can lead to this condition, which is often accompanied by symptoms of pain and numbness in the legs, feet, and toes. Continue reading…

Poor circulation treatmentPoor circulation treatment: How to improve blood circulation

Our circulatory system supplies our entire body with oxygenated blood. The cells in the body need oxygen to function normally. The circulation of blood also allows for the delivery of nutrients, hormones, and other important factors. If blood floor were to be impeded in any way, it would compromise not only our tissues but our ability to live.


The following are various ways you can maintain your blood circulation, helping improve overall health and well-being. Continue reading…

foods that increase blood flow19 foods that increase blood flow

Our blood serves to deliver oxygen and nutrients to our tissues and organs throughout the body. It also helps to remove metabolic waste products such as carbon dioxide and uric acid. However, none of this would be possible if our blood was stagnant and not in motion.

Having poor circulation can lead to many harmful effects on your health. While not a diagnosis in itself, it can be the result of an underlying condition such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Continue reading…


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