Physical Activity and Talk Therapy Eases Fatigue among Arthritis Sufferers: Study

Portrait of an african young nurse helping old elderly disable man grandfather to walk using walker equipment in the bedroom. Senior patient of nursing home moving with walking frame and nurse supportArthritis is a condition that can cause debilitating pain and fatigue, but a new study has shown that physical activity and talk therapy can help to ease this fatigue. This study provides valuable information for people with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis who are looking for ways to reduce their symptoms.

If you are one of these people, be sure to talk to your doctor about adding physical activity or cognitive behavioral therapy to your treatment plan.


Arthritis isn’t the only condition that can cause extreme fatigue. Patients with axial spondylitis and lupus also live with fatigue, an extreme mental and tiredness that can affect their ability to work, concentrate, and live independently. These conditions are known collectively as inflammatory rheumatic diseases (IRD).

Researchers from the Universities of Aberdeen and Glasgow led a first-of-its-kind study by comparing three different types of care for 368 patients with various inflammatory rheumatic diseases.

It was found that personalized activity programs and cognitive-behavioral approaches significantly improved the severity and impact of fatigue in the study group when compared to those receiving the usual care. Both types of interventions were also shown to help improve participants’ sleep and mental health-related quality of life. These benefits were still found six months after the completion of the courses.

This study provides evidence to suggest that non-drug treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and physical therapy should be a core part of treating IRD.

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