People with No Coronary Artery Calcium Increases Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

New research shows how coronary calcium alone isn’t enough of an indicator of cardiovascular disease in people with other traditional risk factors. Among adults with no coronary artery calcium (CAC), those who smoke, have hypertension, or have diabetes have the highest risk of cardiovascular disease.

The study published in the journal Circulation analyzed patient data from adults with zero measured CAC and determined what associations existed with outcomes, including stroke, heart attack, or atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. The study followed patients from 2000 to 2018.


It was found that among patients with no CAC, cigarette smokers had twice the risk of cardiovascular events compared to non-smokers. Those with diabetes and hypertension had 1.6 times the risk compared to patients without the conditions.

Researchers believe these findings help to demonstrate the importance of considering all facets of cardiovascular disease. Many healthcare professionals only rely on CAC measurement alone, but this study helps to display why other risk factors should be considered.

Co-author of the study, Philip Greenland, said, “This is also a lesson in understanding the full range of factors that go into the evaluation of risk prediction, which is why we recommend that the tests involved should be done in concert with a doctor – patients should not rely on a CT scan done at a screening center in the absence of a good clinical evaluation.”

A Healthy Heart

Taking steps to ensure a healthy heart includes lifestyle behaviors like exercising daily, eating healthy foods, quitting smoking, and getting the proper vitamins and minerals. As this study shows, even adults who have no CAC could be at risk for cardiovascular events if they don’t address other health conditions.


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By taking some simple steps to help keep the heart healthy, you can lower your risk factors for cardiovascular events. Even if you have had a CT scan showing that you have no coronary calcium, remember that you can still be at risk for cardiovascular disease if you don’t address other risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or smoking.

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