Go Pegan: How Paleo meets vegan

pagen diet food listPreviously we told you about the Paleo diet – a regimen that essentially mimics the eating habits of our cavemen ancestors. And we have already addressed the benefits of going vegan, which means eating no animal products. Well now, there is another diet that merges these two diets together. It’s called Pegan.

Before we explain the ins and outs of the Pegan diet, let’s give you a refresher of both.


The Paleo diet consists of whole foods – fruits, vegetables, grass-fed animals, fresh eggs and nuts for example. The idea is if it wasn’t available to our ancestors, we shouldn’t eat it either. Therefore, no processed foods, anything that comes in a can, nothing that is frozen, or has added sugar and saturated fats. Unless it is grown from the earth, you don’t eat it.

Vegan is essentially the same idea without the consumption of meat. Therefore if you wanted to go Pegan, you would consume fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds minus any animals or animal products.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the Pegan diet, let’s look into this diet a bit further.

Starting a Pegan diet

starting with peganMaybe you’re tired of feeling sluggish, or you want to lose a few pounds. The Pegan diet can help you feel fresh and energized, as it uses whole foods grown from the ground – no artificial ingredients added!
There are a few things to consider right off the bat before you embark on the Pegan diet. They are:

  • Eat the right fats: Fat isn’t the enemy – as long as you’re choosing the right ones. On the Pegan diet you should consume healthy fats such as omega-3s and saturated fats. You can obtain these from foods such as avocados, coconuts and nuts.
  • Eat mostly plants: Because vegans don’t eat meat, the Pegan diet is the same and so you need to eat majority plants.
  • Avoid dairy products: Although there is a spectrum of so-called vegans, some which eat meat by-products and others who don’t, for the Pegan diet it is best if you avoid dairy. There are many alternatives to dairy products such as almond milk, so you can still find options to fit your needs.
  • Consume sugar only as an occasional treat: It would seem crazy of us to suggest cutting out sugar cold turkey, so use it as an occasional treat. A good first step to eliminate sugar is to stop adding it to your coffee and tea. You can also avoid condiments and foods that contain added sugar such as ketchup or cereal.

Those are some basic rules of going Pegan that you should be comfortable with before choosing to start this diet. If this sounds do-able, here is a list of foods you can eat and ones you should avoid.

Pegan Food List

Foods to eatFoods to avoid
Healthy fats – olive, coconut, avocado
Fruits and vegetables
Healthy grains – quinoa Lentils

Benefits of going Pegan

benefits of pegan dietBoth the Paleo and the vegan diet may offer health benefits, so it’s of no surprise the Pegan diet, too, can benefit your health. Here are some benefits of going Pegan.

Gluten-free: The Pegan diet is gluten-free, so it’s safe for those who have Celiac disease.

Low-glycemic index: Glycemic index (GI) is a foods impact on a person’s blood sugar. As diabetes cases rise within America, it’s important to maintain healthy glucose levels in the body. The Pegan diet consists of foods with a low-glycemic index meaning they will not cause spikes in blood sugar.

Dairy-free: For individuals who have intolerance to lactose the Pegan diet is a good option because it removes dairy altogether.

Fiber: People will increase their fiber intake on the Pegan diet. It is difficult for many people to consume the recommended amount of fiber, which can lead to digestive issues. Furthermore consuming adequate fiber can help boost heart health and promote good cholesterol as well. Fiber is also essential for weight loss as it helps keep you full and regular.

Although the Pegan diet may seem complicating it’s actually simple. Once we remove all the processed foods we are used to eating, we are left with the simple foods the earth provides us. These foods are essential for good health and offer us the nutrients and vitamins our bodies require.

If you felt the Paleo or vegan diet alone were too strict or hard to follow, the merger of both together may be an easier option for you.

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