Older Adults Participating in Group Exercise May Boost Physical, Mental Health: Study

Healthy mature woman sitting on exercise mat in lotus position and doing yoga in the classAs we age, exercise is essential to our physical health and mental health. This can be especially important for older adults, as engaging in physical activity has been linked to increased emotional stability, improved focus and memory recall, better cardiovascular health, and even lowered risk for chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes.

But obtaining those physical and mental health benefits doesn’t have to mean breaking a sweat alone on the treadmill at home; a new study has indicated that participating in group exercise programs designed with seniors in mind may help strengthen both body and mind.


In 2005 the University of Missouri launched its “Stay Strong Stay Healthy” program. Stephen Ball, who has dedicated his career to improving the health of older Missourians through exercise, played a large part in the University’s new program. For years, he has spoken about the physical and mental health benefits older adults have experienced with exercise training programs, but thanks to this new study, he now has proof.

For the study, Ball collaborated with Missouri Orthopedic Institute to analyze the effectiveness of the “Stay Strong Stay Healthy” strength training program in a group setting among adults over the age of 60. All participants in the study were required to attend an instructor-led course which lasted one hour and was held twice a week for eight weeks. The course taught participants how to safely complete strength training exercises, including bicep curls and squats.

After accounting for muscle strength, balance, and flexibility before and after the program, researchers found that participants improved their physical health outcomes and their self-confidence in exercise. This increased their physical activity in their daily life and reduced the risk of falls, which is a significant concern for aging adults.

We help older adults maintain their independence as they age and reduce their risk of falling, which has huge financial implications as well as health implications,” Ball said. “We keep hearing from participants that in addition to feeling stronger, healthier and more active, another major reason they enjoy the group classes is the social aspect of making friends with others their age and engaging with community members in a stress-free environment.”


This study helps to show the importance of physical activity in older adults and how the social impact of group classes is vital. Social connection is an essential part of health in seniors, and group exercise classes offer an excellent way to interact with others while getting physical activity.

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