New Anti-Aging Trend – Coupons for Botox

good looksBotox is the most popular cosmetic procedure requested by Americans. The demand for treatment to wipe away those wrinkles has led to a flood of deals at spas, clinics and even some doctor’s offices. Today you can get coupons for your Botox anti- aging injections.

What the Treatment Really is

Botox is botulinum toxin; produced by the bacterium that leads to the food poisoning known as botulism. When it is injected in small doses into specific muscles, it will not poison a person, but it can act as a muscle relaxing method to help smooth out wrinkles. It is also used for other medical treatment; however facial wrinkle is the number on application.

How Botox Anti-Aging Works


Botox treatment has the ability to block specific nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. As a result the muscle that is focused on becomes paralyzed, thus you have a cosmetic effect. Since Botox treatment can produce paralysis, the FDA has approved it for other medical purposes including conditions listed below:

    • Migraine headaches
    • Excessive underarm sweating
    • Upper limb spasticity
    • Lazy eye
    • Twitching eyelids

Deals for Anti-Aging

At one point highly trained physicians were the only ones offering Botox injections; however, now nurse practitioners and spa staff across North American perform treatments. Today a quick search online and you will find a lot of places that offer coupons for Botox. Botox treatment does not come cheap. It can cost anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars a unit. Cosmetic Surgeons say those crow’s feet, forehead, and the lines in-between the brows are the most common areas in need of work. The treat these areas, a Botox treatment at the lower price end would cost just under $600. It is important to keep in mind that the treatment does not last forever; averages of 3 months before you have to return for another session of injections.

Coupons for Botox can be very inviting. Some critics contend that while it may sound like a good deal, some people who administer the injections over-dilute the solution to make up for lost revenue. This means the patient may end up getting poor results or the injection may not last as long as anticipated. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has gone as far as to urge the public not to participate in daily deal sites. They feel it is better to be cautious.

If a 103 Year Old Can Become Stronger, Smarter and Feel Younger, Why Can’t You?

Another concern is who will be doing the injection. With a coupon, you have no control over who will be administering the Botox. It could be someone who is highly trained or it could be someone who has limited experience. The other factor to consider is: what happens when your injection goes well and you want to return 3 months later for another treatment? Will you be able to afford the regular price? How disappointed will you be to discover you just can’t afford it?

Recently, the FDA announced that a handful of Arizona doctors may have received an unapproved shipment of Botox. While unapproved drugs are cheaper to buy, they can be harmful to patients. The FDA continues to investigate. In another case, this past summer a Ventura California nurse was charged with felony after administering Botox injections without a physician consultation ahead of time. There are many other incidents under investigation across North America.

Botox as an Anti-Aging Treatment


Literally thousands of people have received Botox anti-aging treatment without any problems, but like any other medical procedure, doctors say it is important to do thorough research before deciding where to get your injections done.

If you plan on getting an injection to treat wrinkles here are some points from the FDA that you should consider:

      • Your injections should be administered by a trained, qualified health care professional
      • Make sure all benefits and risks are explained to you
      • Make sure the product being used is FDA approved
      • Non-physicians can perform injections under the supervision of a physician
      • The procedure should be performed in an appropriate setting and not a house or mall
      • Disclose any medical conditions or medications you are taking before the procedure

Many qualified health care professionals offer payment plans for people who are unable to pay up front so that is also an option for those who decide to pass on the coupons.