Many skin and antiaging products contain mercury: FDA

Many skin and antiaging products contain mercury: FDAThe FDA has just released a statement warning that many antiaging and skin-lightening products contain mercury. The FDA suggests that you stop using the product immediately if you see “mercurous chloride,” “calomel,” “mercuric,” “mercurio,” or “mercury” listed on the label.

Mercury may be found in antiaging or skin-lightening products that offer to remove blemishes, freckles, or wrinkles. Some teenagers may also be using these products for treating acne.


Products that contain mercury are usually made overseas and sold illegally in the U.S. They may also be purchased online or during a trip abroad.

Mercury exposure can seriously impact one’s state of health. Pregnant women, infants, and nursing babies are particularly prone to its harmful effects. Mercury has been known to lead to developmental problems of the brain and nervous system. Nursing mothers can pass on mercury to their infants.
Dr. Arthur Simone, senior medical advisor of the FDA, said, “Your family might breathe mercury vapors released from these products. Your children might touch washcloths or towels that are contaminated with mercury. It could be as simple as touching someone’s cheek or face.”

When discarding mercury products, make sure you seal them in a leak-proof bag and check with your local disposal agency for proper instructions on how to get rid of the product.

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