Liver failure treatment using immune system improvements

Liver failure treatmentLiver failure treatment with immunity boosting molecules can better help the immune system fight off the infection associated with liver disease, this according to new findings. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh uncovered an immune-boosting molecule called CSF-1 to improve the body’s defense against mechanisms of the liver.

Researchers are hopeful that if the liver failure treatment is successful, it can help those who are not suitable for liver replacement surgery.


Patients with liver failure are at higher risk to develop more serious infections, like sepsis. The most effective treatment available currently is a liver transplant, but in those with sepsis this surgery is quite dangerous.

To come to their findings researchers analyzed blood samples of liver failure patients to observe levels of CSF-1. What they uncovered was patients with higher levels of CSF-1 were more likely to survive.

In mice models with liver damage researchers gave mice CSF-1 and found their immune systems improved to help clear the infection.

CSF-1 helps recruit cells which are part of the immune system’s first line of defense against infection.

Researchers believe such treatment can also assist cancer patients who have had parts of their liver removed. Additionally, it can help those with paracetamol overdose which causes severe liver damage.

Ways to treat liver failure

Liver failureIn a healthy individual the liver can repair itself when damage is done. When the liver is unable to repair damage it can result in liver failure. This impedes on the liver’s ability to perform its many functions and can reduce the health of an individual greatly.

Liver failure can be life-threatening, so treatment should occur immediately. The cause of the liver failure is what will determine the mode of treatment. If liver failure is caused by an overdose of painkillers, that can be treated and often reversed. If liver failure is caused by a virus, treatment can better support the liver so it can heal itself.


Ultimately, if liver failure is severe then a transplant may be required.

Tips to prevent liver failure

Liver failure is not a normal part of aging, but if you want to prevent it, you need to be mindful and take steps to keep your liver healthy. Tips to prevent liver failure include:

  • Always follow medication instructions.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation or avoid it all-together.
  • Avoid risky behaviors, like sharing needles or having unprotected sex.
  • Get vaccinated for hepatitis.
  • Avoid contact with other’s blood or fluids.
  • Only use aerosol sprays in well-ventilated rooms with proper equipment.
  • Maintain a healthy weight – fat can accumulate in the liver.
  • Eat a proper diet – minimize processed foods, sugar and limit red meat consumption.
  • Don’t share toiletry items.

Keeping these tips in mind can help better protect your liver in the long-run.


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