Leg strength affects the brain’s ability to fight aging

By: Emily Lunardo | Health News | Saturday, November 14, 2015 - 10:00 AM

Strong legs keep the brain strong to fight agingResearchers have found a relationship between leg strength and the brain’s ability to remain fit and successfully fight aging. The findings were based on a study that took place over the course of 10 years. The study involved identical twins and is the first of its kind to link leg power with brain power.

Lead scientist, Dr. Claire Steves, said, “It’s compelling to see such differences in cognition and brain structure in identical twins, who had different leg power 10 years before. It suggests that simple lifestyle changes to boost our physical activity may help to keep us both mentally and physically healthy.”

The researchers examined 324 female twin volunteers, beginning at the age of 55. Researchers examined lifestyle habits and health factors.

The results revealed that leg strength was more closely related to a fitter brain over the course of 10 years than lifestyle or other health factors.

The findings were published in Gerontology.


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