This superfood improves your vision

kale improve night visionDo you dread the idea of driving at night simply because it’s hard for you to see? Fading night vision is a common problem among older adults, and with the growing number of seniors on the road in the upcoming years, it’s important that we find a way to boost night vision.

The American Medical Association suggests that the number of senior drivers on the road is a public health issue, primarily due to fading vision, cognition and motor skills. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said, back in 2005, 15 percent of driving accidents involved seniors, and they suggested the number was going to grow annually as the population continues to age. So what are we supposed to do to ensure that our aging population remains safe on the road? Well, it may be as easy as eating our greens.

Kale improves night vision


kale improve visionBefore you let fear take over, preventing you from ever setting foot in a car after the sun goes down, consider eating more dark leafy kale first as a means to improve your night vision. Kale, along with spinach, collards and turnip greens, contains high amounts of an essential antioxidant, which is required for healthy vision.

In a Chinese study, the researchers gave participants the same antioxidant found in kale, in supplemental form, every day for a year and found that their vision sharpness, contrast sensitivity and sensitivity to glare all improved. The amount of the antioxidant the participants consumed was comparable to four cups of kale. If four cups of kale doesn’t seem appealing, you can create variety in your diet by consuming broccoli, corn, romaine lettuce, eggs, green beans and peas as well.

The antioxidant found in kale is also found within the eye and helps create sharpness. When the antioxidant is low – brought on by smoking, poor diet and exposure to UV light – vision may appear blurry or with a glare.

Other tips to improve night vision

Aside from eating plenty of green vegetables, here are other tips to help improve your night vision so you can drive with more confidence.

  • Wear red tinted glasses.
  • Avoid looking directly into light sources.
  • Let your eyes adjust to the darkness naturally.
  • Always keep your eyes moving – don’t stare straight ahead.
  • Provide yourself with a gentle eye massage.
  • Eat blueberries.
  • Enjoy fish and shellfish.

By following these tips and eating a vision-friendly diet, you, too, can improve your night vision and no longer be scared to drive when the sun sets.


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