Job loss worry linked to higher diabetes risk

Job loss worry linked to higher diabetes risk

A new study has found that if you worry about losing your job you’re at a higher risk for diabetes. The researchers reviewed data from 141,000 American, European, and Australian workers with an average age of 42.

The researchers found a 19 percent higher risk of diabetes among those who had doubts about their job security, compared to those who felt secure in their employment.

Lead author Jane Ferrie said, “These results are consistent with other studies, showing that job insecurity is associated with weight gain, a risk factor for diabetes.”

Employees who feared losing their jobs also had a higher risk of coronary heart disease, which is a complication of type 2 diabetes.

The researchers suggest there should be policies implemented in order to reduce stress related to job insecurity. It is important that doctors become aware of their patients’ worries about their job stability as it can be a contributing risk factor for type 2 diabetes.


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