Why it’s so important to eat fruits and vegetables

fruits-and-vegetablesFruits and vegetables have always been considered a vital part of a healthy diet, and now a new study suggests they can improve your wellbeing, too. According to the research out of the University of Otago, increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables can change the way you feel in a matter of weeks.

The study looked at 171 participants who were split into three groups: first group continued consuming their regular diet, second group received text message reminders and had pre-paid vouchers for fruits and vegetables, and third group personally received two extra servings of fruits and vegetables a day.


Those who were personally given additional fruits and vegetables reported greater psychological well-being along with a boost in vitality and motivation. On the other hand, those in the text and voucher group did not experience any psychological improvements and were more likely to eat cooked vegetables in casseroles or added to other meals. (Regain some of your youth and live a healthier, better life!)

Those who received extra fruits and vegetables were more likely to consume them uncooked.

Lead researcher Dr. Tamlin Conner explained, “The message from this study is, we should be giving people more fruits and vegetables to eat, not simply reminding people to eat their 5+ a day. People in dormitories, children in daycare centers, patients in hospitals, employees in the workplace, could be provided with fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.”
The researchers suggest that additional studies need to be carried out to determine whether the consumption of fresh produce could have a positive impact on those who are ill – including those with depression. (Rediscovered ‘memory herb’ helps seniors boost their memory and thinking.)

This is just another study stressing the importance of eating fruits and vegetables regularly for the benefit of your physical and mental health.

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