Hypertension treatment in diabetes patients reduces cardiovascular risks

hypertension treatment in diabetics

If you’re diabetic, managing blood sugar is a main concern. It’s routine to check this before and after meals, a few times a day. Although monitoring blood sugar numbers is part of living with diabetes, there’s another number that diabetics should consider for their health.

Hypertension treatment in diabetes patients


New research shows that diabetics should also be monitoring their blood pressure numbers as well.
Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the study offers recommendations for doctors in treating blood pressure in diabetics. High blood pressure and diabetes together can lead to a greater risk of mortality or complications like kidney disease, nerve damage and retinal problems.

High blood pressure in the study was reported as 140 over 90, and researchers suggest that getting diabetics’ blood pressure numbers below this can reduce cardiovascular risks. Reducing blood pressure in diabetics is even more important among those who have a family history of cardiovascular disease.

Statistics reports say hypertension was found in 71 percent of those who had diabetes which led to further health complications or co-morbid conditions. So although you may be looking at your blood sugar numbers, watching your blood pressure is also highly important.

And we know that diabetes is on the rise. The National Diabetes Statistics Report, based on information collected in 2012, revealed that 11.8 million American seniors are living with diabetes, although many are undiagnosed. Diabetes remains one of the top 10 causes of death and so prevention and proper management is vital for longevity.

Maintain diabetes and healthy blood pressure naturally

There are many things you can do naturally to maintain healthy glucose levels as well as blood pressure. For example, exercising can assist both conditions. Also, watch out for certain foods. Salt and sugar, for one, should be limited. Sugar not only affects diabetes but research shows it can be just as bad as salt when it comes to blood pressure.

Keeping a healthy weight is also important for both conditions and if you’re a smoker, here’s another reason you should stop: Smoking can affect diabetes and blood pressure.


When it comes to diet, make sure you’re enjoying a variety of foods which consist of leafy greens, lean meats and plenty of fruits and vegetables – notice how I didn’t mention fast food or processed food? You’ll have better control over your diabetes or blood pressure by eating the right foods.

If up until now you felt you were managing your diabetes quite well because your sugar numbers looked good, you could have been neglecting an even more vital number.

When it comes to proper diabetes treatment, monitoring your blood pressure can mean the difference between living well and experiencing serious complications. With simple lifestyle changes and help from your doctor you can enjoy a healthy life with diabetes.



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