How to Choose A Home Exercise Machine

Full length profile shot of a young man running on a treadmill at homeMost people don’t need another excuse not to exercise: no time, too hot, too cold, or even pain and practicality can hold people back.

Purchasing a home exercise machine can help solve the problem and make exercise much easier. Hopping on an exercise bike for 15 minutes, for example, can help you squeeze in a heart-healthy workout most days of the week.


Working out at home is much easier. It offers the opportunity to split workouts up over a day while enjoying the privacy of your home. But what should you get?

Different factors are worth considering before buying. Depending on your situation, like your history of injuries or pain, some choices might be better than others.

If you have a history of knee or hip pain, for example, a stationary bike may be better than a treadmill because it allows you to relieve the load of your weight on your lower body.

Stationary bikes are also great for people with balance issues or little experience exercising.

If you’re concerned about osteoporosis, then a machine that puts some stress on your bones and muscles is more useful. In this case, a treadmill or elliptical machine is the better choice.

Ellipticals are great because they bring your arms into the mix, but they might not be the best choice for people with shoulder issues. The repetitive motion may add unwanted strain.


Rowing machines are probably the best for intensity as well as incorporating your whole body. Those with back pain or people who struggle to get up and down, however, may want to avoid these machines.

Cable systems or bands can be useful for resistance training at any level. Barbells and racks are better options for experienced lifters.

There are a ton of choices and your situation should help guide your decisions.

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About eight years ago, Mat Lecompte had an epiphany. He’d been ignoring his health and suddenly realized he needed to do something about it. Since then, through hard work, determination and plenty of education, he has transformed his life. He’s changed his body composition by learning the ins and outs of nutrition, exercise, and fitness and wants to share his knowledge with you. Starting as a journalist over 10 years ago, Mat has not only honed his belief system and approach with practical experience, but he has also worked closely with nutritionists, dieticians, athletes, and fitness professionals. He embraces natural healing methods and believes that diet, exercise and willpower are the foundation of a healthy, happy, and drug-free existence.