How to Beat Thanksgiving Anxiety

Sad mature woman feeling lonely and missing her family at dining table on Thanksgiving.As much as you might like the food and the thought of seeing your family, it’s not untrue to suggest that Thanksgiving is no picnic.

The images on television are often supplanted when real life takes over. For many, the holidays can be riddled with anxiety.


Some common causes could be the preparation it requires, the people you have to see, or maybe that the holidays are a hard time when you are reminded of people you’ve lost that are missing around the table.

There is a lot of division in the United States right now, and that makes its way right down to the dinner table. If you think Thanksgiving has the potential to explode for your family this year, consider your options.

One may be to avoid it altogether. Perhaps you have friends who’d be interested in planning a Thanksgiving get-together with you. And if bickering family members are pulling you in two directions because they refuse to get together, tell them to sort it out.

If you do end up doing something on a smaller scale, just remember to treat yourself right. The same goes if you use the holiday to reflect on those you’ve lost. Do your best to try and eat well, get dressed, and celebrate.

Participating in the community may help, too. Attending a religious service, volunteering at a shelter, hosting neighbors, or doing something that connects people is a good way to spend the holiday.


If your anxiety is more about the stress of fixing up a big meal, then ask for help. Tell your guests that this year is more of a potluck-style, or better yet, inform them that the party is not at your house this year. Encourage adult children, for example, to take the reins of holidays.

If you find yourself in an anxiety-inducing situation, consider ways to ease it. Maybe it is avoiding certain people one-on-one or removing yourself briefly to go out and get some air.

The holidays can be filled with anxiety, but there are ways to beat it so you can enjoy yourself. It may require giving your traditions a different look, but sometimes that is needed.

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