How Much Exercise Can Ward Off Death

Tune upsIt seems like a trick that is just way too easy to work. We’ve all heard the idea that working out, even just a little every day could help you live longer. But is something so simple really an attainable goal? And if you were told that just by working out for a few minutes a day you could add years to your lifespan, you would probably pay attention, wouldn’t you?

Live Longer – More Than Just Being Thin

All of this might seem too good to be true, but experts say that when you are dealing with the possibility to live longer, you should be focusing more on that little bit of exercise and less on what it means for your physical appearance. In fact it appears that is takes only a few minutes of moderate physical activity per day to infuse your body with a few extra quality years to your life.


While it’s true, when people go to slug it out at the gym, the main reason that they go is to reduce their pant size, and working out is undoubtedly of an enormous benefit when it comes to looking better, and younger. But not only does this regular exercise help you look sexier and/or thinner, the anti-aging benefits can’t be overlooked. In fact, daily exercise does wonder for your bodies resiliency against a variety of diseases and chronic conditions. So the key now becomes finding activities you enjoy partaking in to become a part of your daily routine, especially if it means you could live longer.

The Way to Live Longer Has Never Been So Simple

So once you have gotten up off the couch and decided to get your body moving you are already a good part of the way there in your quest to live longer. Research across the board has confirmed that no matter what your age it, the pros to any amount of exercise are enormously beneficial. The list of health benefits is impressive, and the requirements list is short – just get started today.

Much research has been done on the subject and it appears without a doubt that any amount of exercise is very beneficial and at any age, too. However the rule of thumb tends to be that the more you do, the better, but there are certain guidelines that should be followed if you have issues, such as an acute joint injury, or if you are older.

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It might seem like a lot to get started, but the ideal amount of physical activity that could have the most impressive benefits on your longevity and ability to live longer, it’s striving for up to an hour a day, if you fall into a low risk category. Keep in mind though that the hour can be comprised of anything that gets your body moving, this can include those few minutes you spend vacuuming or doing household chores, and gardening is even considered to be a good workout option.