Holiday travel could harm your back

travellingTraveling this holiday season? If so, you should be weary of your heavy luggage; it could harm your back. The new warnings come from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS). AAOS spokesperson, Dr. Nitin Khanna, said, “Individuals are at high risk for back, neck and shoulder strains when carelessly handling heavy luggage. Always be cognizant of the way you are lifting heavy luggage to avoid painful injuries.”

In 2014, 73,000 luggage-related injuries occurred amongst Americans.


If you’re in the market for new luggage prior to your holiday travel, opt for something that is sturdy, lightweight and has wheels and a handle. Additionally, use smaller bags with fewer items as opposed to jamming a bunch of things in one bag in order to keep the weight down.

When carrying luggage, never twist your body or attempt to lift it up. Keep your body and toes pointed in the direction you are heading. Don’t rush with your luggage, especially if you’re carrying it, and don’t carry heavy pieces of luggage for long periods of time.

When lifting luggage on or off a carousel, platform or trunk, always bend the knees and lift with your legs and not your back.

If using a backpack, ensure the straps are padded and are adjustable for proper fit. Lastly, always use both straps when wearing a backpack.

By following these recommendations from the AAOS, you can avoid serious injury related to traveling this holiday season.



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