Hearing loss risk in men significantly higher than in women

hearing-loss-risk-in-menBy now you know that men and women differ in many ways, but you may be surprised that some of those differences lie in hearing abilities. Research has shown that men are more prone to hearing loss than women and much of these differences are a result of occupational factors, as more men are working in environments associated with loud noises than women do.

Men hold more jobs in construction and even firefighting, for example, and those occupations can be quite loud. Over time all those sirens, machines, and horns take a toll on men’s hearing, so by the time of retirement they simply can’t hear as well as their female counterparts.

Hearing loss in men significantly higher, compared to women


The Canadian Health Measures Survey results reveal that men are more likely to experience hearing loss, in comparison to women. About a quarter of men in the survey experienced hearing loss compared to only 14 percent of women. But genes are not to blame for this health decline.

The survey revealed that men are more likely to work in noisier environments – construction, for example. Another significant factor is that men are more likely to develop heart disease.

But what do matters of the heart have to do with hearing? Well, heart disease limits the amount of oxygen our body parts require to function. Less oxygen means less blood flow, leading to slow decline in hearing. Lifestyle habits like smoking also cause a similar affect and can contribute to hearing loss.

Tips to prevent hearing loss in men

Gentleman, listen up! You don’t have to suffer hearing loss and you can continue to listen to the sweet voices of your female friends and family. Simple steps can be taken to ensure you hold onto your hearing for many years to come.

Avoid loud environments – if you can’t, wear protection. If you know you work where lots of noise occurs, ensure you are wearing protective ear gear like earplugs. Also, specifically when wearing headphones, keep the volume down. Listening to loud noises in close proximity can cause hearing loss.


Furthermore, never stick anything in your ears – including cotton swabs, pens, fingers, etc. These objects can damage your eardrum over time, causing hearing loss. Lastly, pay attention to changes in your ears. Are they hurting? Ringing? Or you’ve just noticed some buzzing?

Any onset of an ear infection can turn into hearing loss, so noticing when these changes occurs can prompt you to seek out medical advice as soon as possible.

So if you want to hold onto your hearing for many years to come, these tips can help ensure you don’t become a victim to hearing loss. In the meantime, ladies don’t feel frustrated if your man continuously asks you to repeat yourself. It’s not their fault after all.



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