Healthy gut: Leaky gut syndrome, gut damage, healthy gut diet, and Hashimoto’s disease

Healthy GutOur gastrointestinal gut system is one of the body’s most important systems, as it is involved in breaking down our food to produce energy. When gut health becomes compromised or affected by a disease, it can lead to serious health consequences. Approximately 70 million people in the United States suffer from some sort of digestive illness, which is why learning how to prevent such illnesses are of great priority here at Bel Marra. To better arm yourself with the knowledge you need, we have compiled a list of articles for you. To keep you on track to great digestive health, we have also included information on a healthy gut diet.

Leaky gut syndrome: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Leaky gut syndrome is a risk factor for celiac disease and other autoimmune diseases. Leaky gut syndrome is not a fully-recognized condition across medical boards, but there is a theory that ingesting too many antibiotics or painkillers damage the mucosal barrier that lines the intestines. The purpose of the barrier is to allow nutrients in but keep harmful bacteria out.


In leaky gut syndrome, nutrients and harmful bacteria enter the bloodstream, which leads to inflammation throughout the body. Continue reading…

Gut damage may occur during high-intensity exerciseGut damage may occur during high-intensity exercise

Although numerous studies point to the fact that exercise may assist in promoting healthy bowels, the latest findings suggest that high-intensity exercise can result in gut damage. The researchers say that gut function shuts down during vigorous exercise.

Lead author Ricardo Costa explained, “The redistribution of blood flow away from the gut and towards working muscles creates gut cell injury that may lead to cell death, leaky gut, and systemic immune responses due to intestinal bacteria entering general circulation.”
The researchers found that the risk for gut injury increases during vigorous and prolonged exercise. They referred to this condition as “exercise-induced gastrointestinal syndrome.” Continue reading…

Mediterranean diet rich in fatty acids promotes healthier gutMediterranean diet rich in fatty acids promotes healthier gut

A healthy gut consists of essential fatty acids which can be provided by the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet has gained popularity for its health benefits. It consists of plenty of fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes, and seeds. Furthermore, it requires eating more fish, moderating alcohol consumption and including healthy fats as opposed to trans or saturated fats.

New research has given us another reason to enjoy more dietary fiber – it is linked to the promotion of short chain fatty acids. Short chain fatty acids are produced in the gut through fermentation of plant-based insoluble fiber. Short chain fatty acids have been linked with improved health outcomes, such as reducing inflammation, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Continue reading…

Secret to good gut healthSecret to good gut health

What once was the body’s most ignored organ is now in the limelight, and for a good reason: it does much more than simply digesting food, absorbing nutrients, and eliminating waste products. Studies reveal the guts significant contribution to our body’s immune responses, and the brain-gut connection is one of the fastest growing areas of medical research.


Our gut is an amazing and mysterious system populated with trillions of microorganisms commonly referred to as gut microbiota. About 33 percent of gut microbiota are shared among most people, while the rest are unique to everyone. Think of your intestinal microflora as your personal ID card. The unseen microorganisms are constantly at work, assisting with the digestion of food and synthesis of certain vitamins important for energy metabolism, maintaining the health of the nervous system, participating in red blood cell production, and helping the immune system recognize and fight off foreign invaders and harmful bacteria. Continue reading…

thyroid gut connectionThe thyroid gut connection: Hashimoto’s disease and leaky gut syndrome

Many studies as of late have been showing a strong connection between thyroid health and gut health. Other connections, too, have been made between the gut and other bodily functions, such as the gut-mind connection, which reveals how emotions and stress can trigger health problems in our gut. Recent studies have revealed a connection between the thyroid and the gut.

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that assists many bodily functions. The gut – or the gastrointestinal tract – is a long tube that moves food from our mouths through the digestive system. Because the thyroid is responsible for hormones and regulating parts of the body, there is a link between the two. Continue reading…


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