Getting Good Sleep Could be Important For Your Heart Health: Study

depressed old man and stressed lying in bed from insomniaWhen it comes to your heart health, getting good sleep is an important factor often overlooked. While exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet are essential for keeping your ticker in good shape, sleep also significantly promotes overall cardiovascular wellness.

Recent studies show that inadequate or disrupted sleep can increase the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and other serious heart issues — so if you want to keep your heart functioning its best for years to come, making sure you get plenty of quality shuteye should be a top priority on your list!


A study recently presented at the American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session Together With the World Congress of Cardiology found that young people who have good sleep habits are less likely to die early. The data also suggested that about 8% of deaths from any cause may be due to poor sleep patterns.

For the analysis, the research team included data from 172,321 people with an average age of 50 who participated in the National Health Interview Survey between 2013 and 2018. This was the first study to use a national population to examine how several sleep behaviors, not just sleep duration, may influence life expectancy.

All participants were followed for a median of 4.3 years, during which time 8,681 individuals died. Of these deaths, 2,052 (24%) were from cancer, 2,610 deaths (30%) were from cardiovascular disease, and 4,019 (46%) were due to other causes.

Five different factors of quality sleep were assessed for the study using a low-risk score based on answers collected through the survey. Factors included: 1) ideal sleep duration of seven to eight hours a night; 2) difficulty falling asleep no more than two times a week; 3) trouble staying asleep no more than two times a week; 4) not using any sleep medication; and 5) feeling well rested after waking up at least five days a week. All factors were given zero or one point each for a maximum of five points.

It was found that compared to people who had zero to one favorable sleep factor, those who had all five were 30% less likely to diet for any reason, 21% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease, 19% less likely to die from cancer, and 40% less likely to die of causes other than heart diseases or cancer. Researchers believe the other deaths are likely due to accidents, infections, or neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease.
“Even from a young age, if people can develop these good sleep habits of getting enough sleep, making sure they are sleeping without too many distractions and have good sleep hygiene overall, it can greatly benefit their overall long-term health,” said Frank Qian, MD, co-author of the study. “It’s important for younger people to understand that a lot of health behaviors are cumulative over time. Just like we like to say, ‘it’s never too late to exercise or stop smoking,’ it’s also never too early. And we should be talking about and assessing sleep more often.”

This study helps to outline the importance of sleep for heart health. However, healthcare providers still need to address getting people to practice healthy sleep behaviors. For those suffering from sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, it is vital to get the help needed for a better night’s sleep and to help reduce the chance of cardiovascular events such as heart attack or atrial fibrillation. Researchers hope this study will help people understand the importance of good sleep practices, which can help lower cardiovascular disease incidence.

Promoting Optimal Sleep

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