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4 ways you’re drinking water wrong


Staying hydrated is essential for good health. A large percentage of our body is made up of water so keeping that supply full is important. It seems easy enough that to stay hydrated you should drink, but you could be hydrating yourself incorrectly.
Here are the four wrong ways to hydrate:

4 ways you’re hydrating wrong

1. Not hydrating before a workout

When we exercise we sweat and lose water and so to combat this we drink during the workout. But if you’re not hydrating yourself before the workout, you’re hydrating wrong. Not drinking before a workout can lead to headaches. You put yourself at risk for dehydration as you will lose more water than you have in your system. At least 30 minutes prior to exercise ensure you drink up!

skipping coffee

2. Skipping coffee or tea

You probably know that when you drink coffee or tea you tend to visit the bathroom much more often. These beverages are known as diuretics and for this reason people may avoid them as they think they make you lose water. Through urinating you do lose fluid, but coffee and tea still contain water to hydrate, so you don’t need to skip them.

3. Hydrating infrequently

When we’re thirsty we drink, or when we’re exercising we drink, but you don’t have to just answer to your body’s call to stay hydrated. Even if you’re on the couch or at your desk it’s still important to stay hydrated.

Staying hydrated keeps us alert, so if you’re at work it’s a good practice to stay hydrated as it can keep you awake, energized and going throughout the day.

4. Only drinking 8 glasses a daynutritional-facts-and-health-benefits-of-watermelon

Time and time again it is instilled in us to drink eight glasses a day. New research from the Institute of Medicine actually recommends 11.4 cups a day – but even this guideline differs between individuals. Instead of trying to follow a generic rule, go with your body. Individuals of different age, activity level and size require different amounts of hydration. While eight glasses a day is a good start, feel free to amp that up to fit your own personal needs.

Additionally, it’s okay to “cheat” and sneak in hydrating foods like fruits and vegetables, which can keep you hydrated without having to drink water.

Water is essential for human life and bodily functions. Ensure you are hydrating properly to get the most benefits.

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