Foods That Can Help Your Liver Now

Sexuality, erotic tension and metaphor for female sexual organs concept with grapefruit isolated on pink backgroundWhat you eat and drink can have a profound effect on your liver health. That easily translates into overall health.

Your liver plays a significant role in overall health and functionality. It plays a key role in metabolism and nutrient absorption and removes waste and toxins from your body. When it’s not functioning optimally, bad things happen.


The liver is resilient, but it can’t be at its best without some help. You may know that alcohol plus sugary and processed foods can give it some significant problems and even lead to fatal illness.

But you might not realize there are things you can start eating today that may help build back damage, make your liver stronger, and help prevent liver diseases.

If you’d like to give your liver some help it could certainly use, consider the following:

Coffee: Research suggests coffee may protect against liver disease and improve liver health, particularly in those that already have liver issues. There is evidence to suggest it can lower the risk for cirrhosis by potentially preventing fat and collagen build-up in the organ.

Coffee can also boost antioxidant presence to help limit inflammation and fight free radicals. Drinking three cups a day may be the ideal dose.

Turmeric: Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, may also have benefits for liver health. A popular spice in Indian food and curries, turmeric is a rich source of antioxidants with a host of associated health benefits.

If you elect to supplement with turmeric or curcumin, exercise caution and talk to your doctor. Roughly five percent of the population may experience liver trouble by taking turmeric supplements.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit features two antioxidants that may have particular benefits for liver health, naringenin and naringin. Preliminary animal research suggests these antioxidants reduce inflammation and protect liver cells.


Some work has shown that it reduces the development of hepatic fibrosis.

Including a grapefruit with breakfast is an easy way to include this nutrient-dense citrus fruit into your diet.

Other foods that are good for your liver include dark berries, beets, and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and kale.

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