Food Insecurity in Older Adults Accelerate Cognitive Decline: Study

Over shoulder view of senior man eating dinner at homeMaintaining a healthy diet is essential for helping to keep cognitive decline away.

Unfortunately, many older adults experience food insecurity, which can greatly impact their cognitive abilities. Research has found that compared to older adults who are food secure, those who experience food insecurity show a more significant cognitive decline over time.


Understanding the consequences of chronic hunger on aging is important to support our elderly population best. Read on to learn more about the connection between food insecurity and decreased mental capacities in older age.

The new article published in The Journal of Nutrition analyzed a sample of older adults in the United States using National Health and Aging Trends Study data. The study ran for approximately eight years, starting in 2012, and participants reported their experiences with food insecurity.

They were classified as either food sufficient or food insufficient. It was found that food-insecure adults experienced cognitive declines more rapidly than food-secure adults. The greater cognitive decline rate observed in the insecure food group was equivalent to 4.5 years older, while the food secure group was 3.8 years older.

“For an aging population, roughly four years of brain aging can be very significant,” explained lead researcher Muzi Na. “These results really point to the importance of food security for people as they age and the value SNAP can have in improving people’s cognitive health. We need to make sure that people have access to—and encourage them to use—the SNAP program as they age.”

As this study goes to show, food insecurity can cause more harm than some may think. Aside from cognitive decline, food insecurity has also been suggested to add to depression and malnutrition, among many other health conditions.


Future studies are needed to investigate the impact of food insecurity and promoting food programs such as SNAP on cognitive decline.

Promoting Brain Function

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