Experts Say You Should Eat Fruit Every Week for Good Health

Closeup image of an asian woman holding and eating a fresh mixed fruits on skewersIf you’re looking to improve your health, you may want to try biting into a piece of fruit. Experts say that stocking your kitchen with fresh ripe fruit can do wonders for your physical health, mental clarity, and overall well-being.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why adding more fruit to our diets is essential for maintaining good health. So, let’s dive in and look at the benefits of some of our favorite fruits – it’s time to eat your way to better health.



Eating an apple a day can do much more than just keep the doctor away; apple consumption offers numerous health benefits that should not be overlooked.

Apples are a great source of essential vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and several B-complex vitamins. Additionally, apples have a high amount of dietary fiber, which helps to lower cholesterol levels when eaten regularly.

This low-calorie snack is a perfect way to satisfy sweet cravings without compromising nutrition for those struggling with weight loss or obesity. Finally, eating an apple may even reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes due to their antioxidant content. So, next time you’re looking for a healthy snack, reach for an apple.


Eating avocados regularly has been linked to numerous health benefits. Not only is avocado high in fiber, which can help with blood sugar, but they’re also packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamins E and C, potassium, zinc, iron and magnesium. As if that weren’t enough, nutrient-rich avocado can help to support heart health due to its monounsaturated fats.

Additionally, avocado promotes healthy digestion and immune system function by fueling the body with key antioxidants such as carotenoids. No wonder avocados are approved as a healthy food choice for every meal of the day.

Bananas are packed with a variety of health benefits, ranging from improved digestion to protection against heart disease. Rich in essential minerals such as magnesium and potassium, bananas contain all eight B vitamins to boost the body’s energy.

Additionally, bananas are low in calories and contain dietary fibers, which can help reduce feelings of hunger, making them an excellent snack or addition to any meal. As a bonus, bananas have also been known to reduce blood pressure levels and reduce inflammation caused by exercise. With so many advantages, bananas should be a staple in anyone’s diet looking to stay both energized and healthy.


Blueberries are an incredibly nutritious fruit high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that popular among those concerned about heart health. Recent studies have shown that blueberries may have several beneficial health effects due to their antioxidant power. They have been linked to improving memory and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Blueberries can also reduce inflammation in the body, reduce blood pressure, improve immunity, and help with healthy digestion. Blueberries can be a great way to sweeten your favorite smoothie or add flavor to yogurt without adding sugar. Incorporating blueberries into your diet can be a delicious way to boost your health.

A Complete Diet

To help ensure your diet is complete, 65+ Superfood Essentials is an excellent addition to a daily supplement regime. This breakthrough formula is a great way to support and promote cardiovascular and overall health. It contains Capros®, a patented and clinically studied Indian gooseberry extract that has been found to absorb free radicals and provide cascading antioxidants.


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With a healthy balance of fruits and vitamin supplements, you can help to ensure good health for years to come!

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Sarah began her interest in nutritional healing at an early age. After going through health problems and becoming frustrated with the conventional ways doctors wanted to treat her illness (which were not working), she took it upon herself to find alternative treatments. This led her to revolutionize her own diet to help her get healthier and tackle her health problems. She began treating her illness by living a more balanced lifestyle through healthy food choices, exercise and other alternative medicine such as meditation. This total positive lifestyle change led her to earn a diploma in Nutritional Therapy from Health Sciences Academy in London, England. Today, Sarah enjoys helping others by teaching healthy lifestyle changes through her personal consultations and with her regular contributions to the Doctors Health Press. Also, passionate about following her dreams in life, Sarah moved to France and lived in Paris for over 5 years where she earned a certification in beadwork and embroidery from Lesage (an atelier owned by Chanel). She then went on to be a familiar face sitting front row and reporting from Paris Fashion Week. Sarah continues to practice some of the cultural ways of life she learned while in Europe. They enjoy their food, and take the time to relax and enjoy many of life’s little moments. These are life lessons she is glad to have brought back home with her.


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