Exercising Can Help People Struggling to Sleep: Study

Athletic women doing stretching wile exercising on group training in a gym. Focus is on African American woman.Many people struggle to sleep at night, but new research suggests that exercise may help. Researchers have found that exercising regularly can help people fall asleep and stay asleep, even if they struggle with insomnia. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping, try hitting the gym or taking a walk before bedtime – you may be surprised by how well it works!

With 10 to 20% of the population having serious long-term sleep problems, researchers want to find alternative ways to medication to help those struggling. Many people who have sleep problems sooner or later resort to some sort of sleeping aid. However, a new study has found that exercise could also offer relief.


The study included over 34,000 adults and used information from Norway’s large Trøndelag Health Survey (The HUNT study). This survey enabled researchers to follow how people’s health evolves over many years. Participants in the study were tracked for approximately 12 years.

The survey showed that approximately 17% of the participants’ sleep issues were serious enough to warrant a prescription from their doctor. However, it was found
that participants who were in the best condition used fewer prescription drugs to help them sleep. These findings suggest that being physically fit can help people sleep better. These results were stronger in men than women. The fittest men had a 15% lower risk of needing drugs for troublesome sleep issues.

“The corresponding percentage risk for the fittest women was much lower. But women who struggle with sleep can still benefit from getting in better shape,” said Linda Ernstsen, an associate professor at NTNU’s Department of Public Health and Nursing.

These findings support the idea that fitness can be used as an effective alternative for preventing sleep problems. Researchers hope these findings will influence the sleep advice that doctors give to their patients.

Getting The Sleep You Need

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