Exercise Can Be Beneficial For Heart Health Among Postmenopausal Women: Study

Beautiful mature senior woman at home, domestic life and leisure moments - 50-60 years old pretty female adult training in the living roomNew research suggests that exercise can benefit heart health in postmenopausal women. As women age, we can face various health risks, but heart health is one of the most important. Postmenopausal women, who have stopped ovulating and menstruating, can become particularly vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases like stroke, coronary disorder, or atherosclerosis.

Luckily, postmenopausal women can reduce their risk of developing heart conditions by exercising regularly. Recent research shows that physical activity reduces the chances of serious cardiac events in postmenopausal women. Today, we explore why exercise promotes and sustains good heart health among this population.


This new research examined data from 35 different studies and found that in two-thirds of studies, participants showed improved endothelial function with positive changes in the large and small blood vessels with regular exercise.

Endothelial cells are one of the most important components of a healthy heart. They line the interior of our blood vessels and play a critical role in maintaining vascular function. Endothelial cells serve as indicators of heart health because their effectiveness is correlated with atherosclerosis development, which describes plaque buildup on artery walls. Endothelial cell health is vital for optimal heart health, making it an important biological marker for physicians to consider when evaluating cardiovascular disease risk.

“When that function starts to decline, they actually make the artery more prone to the development of atherosclerosis, because healthy endothelial cells are protective against the development of atherosclerotic plaque,” explained Kyra Pyke, a co-author of the study.

Exercise has previously been shown to help with endothelial function in general as it increases blood flow to muscles, including the heart. The friction of blood moving through the blood vessels stimulates the endothelial cells and increases the activity of an enzyme that creates nitric oxide.
“Nitric oxide is important to the function of the endothelial cells because it helps support the dilation of blood vessels, which is important for the delivery of oxygen to tissue,” explains Pyke.

These findings showed a beneficial effect on the lining of the arteries in postmenopausal women, possibly preventing heart diseases such as coronary heart disease. However, researchers stress the need for more knowledge to fill the gaps in understanding how exercise can affect menopausal women specifically. Many studies are done only with male participants or don’t distinguish between male and female participants, but since sex hormones can affect endothelial function, it is vital to consider the effects on men and women separately.

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