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Effective Tips to Improve Your Digestion

Many people have some sort of complaint about their digestion. Either they are bloated, constipated, or suffer from indigestion. It also seems like anyone you talk to has some sort of remedy or fix for common digestive problems. Maybe you’ve tried some of these, but a lot of this information that gets passed on doesn’t have much validity to it.

If you really want proper digestion, then you should stop listening to these common digestion myths that continue to circle. Instead, try the following tips as a means to get things moving along.

Effective Tips to Improve Your Digestion

You don’t need to drink a lot of water: Many people say drink plenty of water if you want good digestion. Water is absorbed through the blood first before being absorbed by the large intestine, meaning much of it doesn’t help your bowels. If anything, drink prune juice instead to improve bowel movements.

Your medication can lead to poor digestion: Some blood pressure, iron, and painkillers can back you up. Be mindful when popping pills and speak to your doctor about alternatives.

Reduce your fiber: You are always told to stock up on fiber to improve digestion, but in some cases, fiber can have quite the opposite effect. This is because fiber is a bulking agent and can worsen constipation, especially if you aren’t drinking enough water.

It’s okay to use laxatives: Many people avoid using laxatives because it’s believed they can weaken the bowel muscles. But a gentle laxative is encouraged if you constantly are struggling to pass a bowel movement. You may also want to see a doctor to determine the cause of your sluggish bowels.

Boost your mood: Your mood plays a big role in your digestion. If you’re stressed out, you tend to have poor digestion and experience cramping and indigestion. Studies have shown that cognitive behavioral therapy is beneficial in easing digestive issues brought on by stress and behavior.

Lose weight: Being overweight puts stress on your heart which means your digestive tract can’t get enough oxygenated blood to digest properly.

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