Eczema in babies tied to ‘hard’ water

Eczema in babies tied to ‘hard’ waterA new study revealed that eczema in babies is tied to ‘hard’ water. Hard water contains a lot of minerals, and eczema is a chronic skin rash accompanied by itchiness. The study included 1,300 three-month old babies across the U.K. Researchers evaluated hardness of water and chlorine levels in areas where the babies resided.

Babies living in areas with hard water had an 87 percent higher risk of developing eczema. Lead author Dr. Carsten Flohr said, “Our study builds on growing evidence of a link between exposure to hard water and the risk of developing eczema in childhood.”
Flohr added, “We are about to launch a feasibility trial to assess whether installing a water softener in the homes of high-risk children around the time of birth may reduce the risk of eczema and whether reducing chlorine levels brings any additional benefits.”


Previous research also found an association between water hardness and eczema in school children, but this is the first study to examine infants.

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