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Foods to boost energy Our energy levels really set the tone for the day ahead. When we are tired and sluggish we don’t really feel like completing daily tasks or even leaving the house. Heck, sometimes you might feel your energy levels are too low to get up and grab some food.

And food can play a large role in our energy levels. We already know that drinking coffee can give our energy levels a boost, but a caffeine crash might follow. Therefore, it’s important to eat foods that can promote all-day energy. Here are some foods proven to boost energy and have you feeling energetic for the whole day.

4 foods that boost energy



water for energyAlthough many may not consider water a food, it is something we ingest. Water is vital for overall health – energy included. A large percentage of our bodies is made up of water and even the slightest drop in hydration is enough to bring on the brain fog and tiredness.

One study revealed that 92 percent of athletes reported feeling fatigued after limiting their fluid intake over the course of 15 hours. Memory and concentration were also hindered by this drop in hydration.

Even if you’re not an athlete it’s important to stay hydrated. The common rule is to drink eight glasses a day. Of course this is a good starting point, but hydration is dependant on your size, weight and even physical activity. While keeping these factors in mind it’s a good practice to drink throughout the day. And if no water is in sight, opt for water-rich foods such as celery or watermelon to give your energy a boost.

Most commonly found at Asian-inspired restaurants, seaweed is a great food source to boost energy. Seaweed contains iodine, which has been shown to boost thyroid function. The thyroid is responsible for weight regulation, energy and mood.

Although iodine can be found in table salt, research from the University of Texas examined iodine levels in table salt and revealed that 47 different brands of salt didn’t contain the FDA’s recommended iodine concentration.

Recommended iodine requirements are 150 mcg a day. If you’re not keen on seaweed, iodine is also found in seafood and yogurt.

healthy bananaPeanut butter and bananas

The king of rock and roll loved this treat, but did you know it can help boost your energy? Bananas, as you know, contain potassium. Potassium is great for energy as it gets used up by the body to help convert sugar into energy. Peanut butter further creates an energy boost as it contains magnesium. Both potassium and magnesium are essential nutrients and great for energy. Other foods that contain magnesium and potassium include fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts.


branTo get the biggest energy boost that will last you all day, it’s wise to start with fiber for breakfast. A study from Cardiff University showed those who consumed high-fiber breakfasts reduced their fatigue throughout the day by 10 percent. Researchers theorize fiber slows down absorption in the stomach and maintains steady sugar levels in the blood. When sugar spikes we feel energized, but when it crashes our energy levels take a hit. Therefore maintaining sugar levels is a good way to promote all-day energy.

Another bonus? You’ll eat less, which can lead to weight loss if you consume fiber. Furthermore fiber is essential to maintain regularity. With all of these benefits it’s a good idea to start incorporating fiber-rich foods into your diet.

These are just some of the foods that can help promote energy. Not only are they delicious, but they will surely keep you going no matter the activities you have lined up.

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