How to Ease Joint and Muscle Pain during and after Exercise

muscle and joint pain tipsMuscle and joint pain can hinder your exercise efforts. That soreness you feel after an intense workout can prevent future workouts from being as effective, which can stop you from reaching your fitness goals. There are some tips you can utilize to reduce recovery time and optimize future workouts, and by employing these tips, you will feel less muscle and joint pain.

Tips to Reduce Muscle and Joint Pain after Workouts

Drink plenty of water: When working out, you lose a lot of water due to sweating. If you aren’t replenishing this water, you could be feeling more pain in the days following. Dehydration can increase the risk of muscle cramps. Consider drinking more fluids throughout the day to keep your cells more hydrated during the workout.


Kinesio tape: A proper Kinesio taping technique can help stabilize joints, reduce muscle spasms, and help rebuild muscle strength. This can prevent injury and pain post-workout.

Stretching: Moving muscles and joints that have not been warmed up can increase your risk of pain and injury. A five to 15-minute warmup can help reduce your risk of pain as there will be less of a chance of pulling a muscle during activity.

Consume an anti-inflammatory diet: Diet can play a role in inflammation in the body, which can trigger pain. Turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon can help fight inflammation and reduce muscle pain.

Foam roll: Foam rolling has grown in popularity. You can find videos to teach you to easily foam roll at home online. You can target specific areas of the body, and by performing this after a workout, you can reduce pain and boost recovery. It’s like a self-administered massage.

Always remember to not push past pain when exercising as you can cause a severe injury. If joint pain is a real problem for you, consider using braces for extra support or beginning with a physiotherapist to improve form. Lastly, if joint pain and muscle pain does not seem to recover after a couple of days, then see your doctor as you may have an injury.

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