Dried Goji Berries Can Help Improve Age-Related Vision Loss

According to new research, regularly consuming dried goji berries can protect against age-related vision loss such as macular degeneration (AMD). The small, randomized trial conducted at the University of California found that vital bioactive compounds in goji berries for eye health are bioavailable, making them readily absorbed in the digestive system.

AMD is a condition that affects the central field of vision and can affect your ability to read or recognize faces. It’s the leading cause of age-related vision loss in older people, and cases are rising steadily in aging demographics. It is estimated that AMD will affect more than 11 million in the United States and 170 million globally.

A Small, Randomized Trial


The study found that 13 healthy participants aged 45 to 65 who consumed 28 grams of goji berries five times a week for 90 days increased the density of protective pigments in their eyes. In comparison, 14 study participants who consumed a commercial supplement for eye health over the same period did not show an increase.

The pigments increased in the group that ate goji berries were lutein and zeaxanthin, which filter out harmful blue light and provide antioxidant protection. Both of these pigments help to protect the eyes during aging.

Study author, Xiang Li, said, “Lutein and zeaxanthin are like sunscreen for your eyes. The higher the lutein and zeaxanthin in your retina, the more protection you have. Our study found that even in normal healthy eyes, these optical pigments can be increased with a small daily serving of goji berries.”

Goji berries are a common ingredient in China and are found in everything from soups to herbal teas. They are similar to raisins and can be eaten as a snack. In Chinese medicine, goji berries are said to have “eye brightening” qualities.

Consuming natural food sources containing high amounts of specific vitamins and minerals for eye health is extremely important if you have an increased risk of vision loss. But it isn’t always convenient or possible to include the number of foods needed in a diet, so supplementation may be necessary.


At Bel Marra, we understand the importance of support for strong and healthy vision in an aging population.

For optimal eye health, 20/20 VISION can help to give your eyes the nutritional support they require with ingredients that include lutein and zeaxanthin. In addition to these two ingredients, the formula also contains a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbal ingredients that will help to support vision and eye health throughout life.


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