Don’t Skimp on Sunglasses

Vacationing Woman Wearing Face Mask on Sandy Beach..Summer showed up fast and bright where I live. We went from cool and cloudy to hot and sunny in a matter of days, and it appears that sunglass season is officially here.

But you might want to reduce the temptation of buying the cheapest pair you can find. While the rack at your local corner store might have some stylish options that you can afford to update regularly, they are likely putting your eyes at risk.


Sunshine exposure means UV hats and white-hot glare. To keep your eyes protected, you want to block that stuff out.

There is research suggesting that UV rays can lead to future vision trouble. Excessive exposure may damage the macula.

Choosing sunglasses that block as much of these rays as possible may prevent vision degradation and preserve eye health. Here are some important features to consider outside of price and style.

They protect you from UVA and UVB light: UVA protection is available at most price ranges, but you’ll want to buy from a reputable manufacturer. Choosing the highest level of protection possible is the best route to go, and that information is likely on the tag.

If you have AMD or retinopathy, select amber or brown lenses: These colors may help you see better by adjusting contrasts. However, if it’s a choice between UV rating and lens color, opt for a better UV rating.

It’s also a good idea to get sunglasses that cover a wide surface area. Limiting the amount of sun that can bypass the lens is helpful and can reduce exposure.


Polarized lenses can also help block out distracting glare while driving.

Wearing sunglasses outside, whether the winter or summer, is a key part of eye health. Sun rays can damage the tissue in your eyes, and a healthy antioxidant-rich diet may not be enough to offset the damage.

Shielding your eyes with a good pair of sunglasses this summer could lead to long-lasting healthy vision.

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