Does Red Wine Really Lower Blood Pressure?

Hey, if you can lower blood pressure and improve your heart health with red wine, why not drink up over the holidays, right?

Red wine’s effect on circulation, vein and artery health, and overall heart health can be overblown. And why wouldn’t they be? It essentially serves as an excuse to do something a lot of people enjoy.


But the evidence to suggest red wine’s health benefits is a little murky. Red wine contains resveratrol, an antioxidant common in foods like berries, apples, and tea that can be good for your arteries. But it’s also got alcohol, which is not good for your heart.

Of course, one of the potential positive effects of red wine on blood pressure is reducing stress. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and helps most people relax, which can be appealing.

But there is still plenty of debate surrounding whether red wine, in particular, has benefits to heart health.

Most of the research on red wine has found a link between the risk of dying from heart disease and moderate wine consumption. However, similar studies are showing comparable effects from spirits and beer, which do not have resveratrol.

Red wine is not a special health food. In fact, to get the effects of resveratrol from red wine, you’d likely have to get fall-down drunk to consume enough.


So, take red wine and alcohol, in general, for what it is: something that can help people relax and enjoy the company of others.

If you’re toasting this holiday season, do so in moderation and to truly enhance your experience. 1-2 glasses (maybe a 3rd on a special holiday party) will likely pose no danger to heart health.

To really improve blood flow, circulation, and a lower risk for heart disease, adopting lifestyle routines like a Mediterranean-style diet and getting daily exercise is the best

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