Do these 4 things at night for a healthier stomach

Do these 4 things at night for a healthier stomachThe bloating, the gas, the discomfort – it’s enough to make you dread putting on pants and leaving the house. The thing about stomach problems is that you’re often not sure what caused them.

But even if you don’t know which food set off your stomach problem, one thing is for certain: You can prepare your stomach for a better day with easy nighttime habits.




Nighttime habits for a healthier stomach

If you’re tired of waking up bloated, gassy and frustrated, then follow these tips the night before to ensure you wake up with a much happier and healthier stomach.

Drink up…Drink up…

Water, that is. Staying hydrated is a good way to flush away the bloating often associated with stomach troubles. Drinking water the night before can help ease daytime bloating – but one word of caution, drinking fluids prior to bed can have you awake needing to urinate. To combat this, stop drinking water one hour prior to sleep.


Pack your lunch

habits for healthier stomachFood has such an impact on stomach troubles, so it’s safer if you take the time to personally pack your lunch. In the morning it may be hard to put together a healthy-stomach friendly lunch, so take the opportunity before you sleep to plan out and make your next day’s lunch.

Many fast food options can irritate the stomach, not to mention lead to weight gain; therefore, cut calories and eat better by packing your own lunch.

Reduce sodium in your dinner

Reduce sodium in your dinnerMany of us eat a late dinner and, unfortunately, it can often contain high amounts of sodium. Sodium leads to water-retention, which in turn packs on the bloat. If you go to sleep after a sodium-filled dinner, you will wake up in the morning feeling quite puffy. Your best bet is to cook your own meal, so you can monitor the amount of salt that is added and avoid restaurant-bought or ready-made meals.


Create the perfect bedroom

Create the perfect bedroomAnother aspect of stomach problems is weight, so if you want to drop those extra pounds, create the perfect bedroom environment in order to promote weight loss. The ideal bedroom should be completely dark and maintain the perfect temperature.

Melatonin has been shown to promote calorie-burning fat; when a bedroom is dark, your body produces melatonin to help you burn more calories. Additionally, the National Institutes of Health found that those who slept in cooler bedrooms (66 degrees) burned more calories than those who slept in rooms set at 75 degrees.

You don’t have to deal with tummy troubles the moment you wake up. These easy steps to preventing daytime bloat can all start helping the night before.

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