Your Daily Multivitamin Won’t Help with This…

multivitamins and heartMillions of people take multivitamins as a means of boosting their vitamin and mineral intake. It’s believed that the more vitamins you take, the healthier you’ll be. This is quite the contrary – taking more vitamins doesn’t do anything for your body except become waste, which you urinate out.

Researchers specifically wanted to observe the effects of multivitamins on heart health and concluded there was no significant benefit.


Many doctors recommend multivitamins to their patients as a means of preventing stroke, heart attack, or death from cardiovascular disease. The researchers of the study wanted to finally settle the ongoing debate of whether the practice is beneficial or not.

The writers wrote, “Our study supports current professional guidelines that recommend against the routine use of [multivitamins and mineral] supplements for the purpose of [cardiovascular disease] prevention in the general population.”

Instead, the researchers recommend people adhere to heart-healthy habits such as not smoking, exercising, eating well, reducing stress, controlling cholesterol and blood pressure, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Multivitamins continue to rise in popularity as many people believe they are required to support good health. In fact, multivitamins have become a multi-billion-dollar industry. And yet, studies proving they are beneficial are often inconclusive.

To reach some sort of conclusion, the researchers pooled and analyzed data from 18 clinical trials and prospective cohort studies from the general population.

The study included over two million people over the span of 12 years.

In conclusion, the researchers found no association between multivitamin intake and a reduced risk of heart disease, coronary heart disease, and stroke.


The researchers are hopeful that their study may begin to debunk the common belief that multivitamins are a necessary part to support overall health, specifically heart health.

If you truly want to increase your intake of vitamins, simply eat healthier and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

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