Consuming Green Tea Extract Can Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels and Improve Gut Health

A photo of tea tree leaves photographed in a close up way can be used as a backgroundExperts recommend consuming green tea extract to support healthy blood sugar levels and improve gut health. Studies have shown that green tea extract can help improve glucose tolerance and reduce inflammation in the gut in people with a cluster of heart disease risk factors.

Additionally, green tea extract has been linked with several other health benefits, such as improved heart health and improved overall health. If you’re looking for a way to improve your health, adding green tea extract to your diet may be a good option.


People with metabolic syndrome are diagnosed with at least three factors that increase the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems, including high blood pressure, belly fat, low HDL cholesterol, high fasting blood glucose levels, and triglycerides.

A new study from Ohio State University is the first to assess whether the anti-inflammatory benefits of green tea could diminish health risks linked to metabolic syndrome. The clinical trial included 40 individuals as a follow-up to a 2019 study that found an association between lower obesity and fewer health risks in mice that consumed green tea supplements with improvements to gut health.

This new study found that green tea extract improved healthy blood sugar levels and reduced gut inflammation and permeability, which was an unexpected finding. Gut permeability and inflammation are key markers for “leaky gut syndrome,” a condition that is on the rise.

“What this tells us is that within one month, we’re able to improve blood glucose in both people with metabolic syndrome and healthy people, and the improvement of blood glucose appears to be related to decreasing leaky gut and decreasing gut inflammation — regardless of health status,” said Richard Bruno, senior study author and professor of human nutrition at The Ohio State University.

Maintaining Blood Sugar and Colon Health

Healthy Blood Sugar Support can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels using several ingredients that have been shown in clinical studies. The health benefits of this unique formula include supporting blood sugar metabolism and promoting healthy cholesterol and glucose levels already within the normal range. Healthy Blood Sugar Support can also help to reduce excessive hunger or increased appetite, fatigue, and blood glucose spikes after meals.

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