Consuming a Handful of Almonds a Day Promotes Strong Gut Health

Raw almonds spilling out of small glass bowlDid you know that consuming a handful of almonds each day can promote strong gut health and add to a healthy lifestyle? Many people already reach for almonds when looking for a healthy snack, but a new study is showing how much this snack can positively affect gut health.

Almonds have long been known to be a healthy snack, but researchers have recently found the true impact of almonds on the composition of gut microbes. For the study, researchers at King’s College London looked at 87 healthy adults who ate less than the recommended amount of dietary fiber and consumed unhealthy snacks such as chips and chocolate.


All participants were split into three groups: one group changed their snacks to 56g of whole almonds a day, another to 56g of ground almonds a day, and the control group ate energy-matched muffins as a control. The study lasted four weeks.

It found that butyrate (a short-chain fatty acid that promotes gut health) was significantly higher among those who consumed almonds compared to those who ate the muffins. Butyrate is the main source of fuel for cells that line the colon.

When these cells work effectively, they can provide an excellent environment for gut microbes to flourish. When the gut is healthy, the walls will be strong and prevent illness conditions such as leaky gut, which can lead to inflammation and malnutrition.

There was no significant difference in gut transfer time. This is the time it takes for food to move all the way through the gut. However, those who consumed full almonds had an additional 1.5 bowel movements each week than the other groups. This suggests that whole almonds may benefit those with constipation.


Lead author for the study Kevin Whelan said: “Part of the way in which the gut microbiota impact human health is through the production of short-chain fatty acids, such as butyrate. These molecules act as a fuel source for cells in the colon, they regulate absorption of other nutrients in the gut, and help balance the immune system. We think these findings suggest almond consumption may benefit bacterial metabolism in a way that has the potential to influence human health.”

For those who suffer from colon health or digestive conditions such as IBS, it is vital to keep gut microbes healthy. Along with almonds, there are also essential vitamins and nutrients that can help with gut health and digestion. Regular exercise has also been found to help with healthy digestion. So, living an overall healthy lifestyle is essential to help keep the gut healthy and happy!

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Sarah began her interest in nutritional healing at an early age. After going through health problems and becoming frustrated with the conventional ways doctors wanted to treat her illness (which were not working), she took it upon herself to find alternative treatments. This led her to revolutionize her own diet to help her get healthier and tackle her health problems. She began treating her illness by living a more balanced lifestyle through healthy food choices, exercise and other alternative medicine such as meditation. This total positive lifestyle change led her to earn a diploma in Nutritional Therapy from Health Sciences Academy in London, England. Today, Sarah enjoys helping others by teaching healthy lifestyle changes through her personal consultations and with her regular contributions to the Doctors Health Press. Also, passionate about following her dreams in life, Sarah moved to France and lived in Paris for over 5 years where she earned a certification in beadwork and embroidery from Lesage (an atelier owned by Chanel). She then went on to be a familiar face sitting front row and reporting from Paris Fashion Week. Sarah continues to practice some of the cultural ways of life she learned while in Europe. They enjoy their food, and take the time to relax and enjoy many of life’s little moments. These are life lessons she is glad to have brought back home with her.


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