ED and heart disease

This Condition Could Double Your Risk of Heart Disease

A study has found that having symptoms of erectile dysfunction could be an early sign of impending heart disease. Common risk factors for heart disease among men include smoking, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and being overweight. These are the same risk factors of erectile dysfunction that shed light on the condition. If a man is suffering from ED, he is likely on his way to developing heart disease.

On the other hand, erectile dysfunction has never been studied as an independent risk factor for heart disease. Until now.

The researchers looked at over 1,900 men over the course of four years.

They found that having erectile dysfunction nearly doubled the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems like stroke, cardiac arrest, heart attack, and sudden cardiac death, and the risk was independent of other risk factors.

Six percent of the men with erectile dysfunction experienced cardiovascular problems compared to only 2.6 percent of men without.

Researcher Dr. Michael Blaha explained, “Our findings suggest that clinicians should perform further targeted screening in men with erectile dysfunction, regardless of other cardiac risk factors and should consider managing any other risk factors — such as high blood pressure or cholesterol — that much more aggressively.”

The researchers suggest that men should get immediate care for erectile dysfunction as a means of reducing their risk of heart disease.

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