Common Causes of Swollen Hands

swollen handsEver woken up in the morning to swollen puffy hands? Your fingers may be difficult to bend. Your grip may not be as strong. And your jewelry may not even fit.

Swollen hands in the morning are pretty common, and although most of the time it isn’t a result of anything too serious, there is a slew of causes for them. The important thing is to uncover what the cause of your swollen hands is to either prevent them or better treat them.


Below you will find common causes for swollen hands in the morning and what you can do about it.

Causes for Swollen Hands in the Morning

Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are common causes for swollen hands in the morning. The good news is that throughout the day, the swelling can go down.

High-sodium diet: Eating meals high in salt can lead to swollen hands in the morning. Lowering your intake of salt and drinking plenty of water can offer relief from this.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: Along with swollen hands in the morning, you may also experience tingling and numbness.

Hand injury: Injury to the hand or wrist can lead to morning swelling. If you do experience an injury, ice the area and see a doctor to determine any damage.

Hand overuse: Overuse, repetitive use, or strenuous use can lead to swelling. Ensure you’re switching hands and using proper form.

Sleep position: If you sleep with your hand in an awkward position or wrist bent, then lack of circulation can lead to swelling. For some, wearing a wrist/hand braise can prevent bending or squishing of the hand and wrist.

Remedies for Swollen Hands


If you’re looking to relieve your morning swollen hands, these remedies may help:

  • Icing the affected hand
  • Raise your hand above your heart for three to five minutes
  • Do hand exercises to boost circulation
  • Give yourself a hand massage
  • Increase your water intake
  • Reduce alcohol intake
  • Improve your sleep posture
  • Take an anti-inflammatory
  • Rest your hands if you use them frequently/change hand positions or swap hands when performing a task
  • Exercise regularly

If swollen morning hands is a regular occurrence and these remedies don’t work, then speak to your doctor about the underlying cause of your morning swollen hands.

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