Chemicals in Beauty Products Linked to Health Problems

Toxic ingredients found in certain anti-aging products for men are creating a pretty decent stir in the media these days. Environmental groups are issuing a word of warning to men who are looking for more youthful skin. They are saying the cost to your health could possibly be quite significant.

These products aren’t just anti-aging products, or products aimed at achieving more youthful skin, they are also products that are used by you, or just about every man you know. They include shaving creams, personal deodorant sticks and even some colognes and aftershave.

Anti-Aging and Male Grooming Products a Hazard


While a lot of research studies are aimed at women and the beauty products that they use, it should also be remembered that more and more men are taking their appearances into account in this day and age too. And what you can’t see, or don’t pay attention to, could be helping to give you more youthful skin, and keeping you clean and dry, but it could be harming your health with any number of toxic chemicals.

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Within the confines of the study which wasn’t aimed at youthful skin, or vanity, the environmental group tested a number of very common male products, anti-aging, and personal grooming in nature. They found that of the 17 that were tested, 4 of them contained potentially cancer causing ingredients, and several more led to problems with the hormones of the men in the test group.

Health Issues Surrounding the Male Need for Youthful Skin

The health issues that are associated with the hormone issues in the male test groups include a number of pretty scary illnesses and ailments including damage to male fertility, prostate and even testicular cancer.

Where the problem appears to lie is within the regulations of what is actually listed on the label. Many companies say that you must list the ingredients on the label of the product, however, the issues lies within products that carry a fragrance – and most of them do. Fragrance doesn’t need to be broken down by individual ingredients. And each individual broad sweeping “fragrance” listing on a bottle could contain thousands of additional additives. Men’s anti-aging and grooming products are notoriously stronger, and carry less fragrance free options.

The Special Warning on Anti-Aging and Grooming Products for Men

One thing that researchers and environmental types are quick to note, is that just because you use a little bit of the product doesn’t mean that it isn’t harmful. Experts are warning that even extremely small amounts of certain cancer causing ingredients found in product fragrances can be very dangerous, so finding products with no fragrance might be the first step in the right direction.