Canned Meat Might Double Your Diabetes Risk

glucose levelsDiabetics are generally characterized with elevated blood sugar levels that need immediate control in order to prevent further medical complications.  Diabetics regulate their glucose levels through the administration of insulin or by monitoring the type and amount of food consumed on a regular basis.  A diabetic diet usually consists of low-sugar food items that prevent an increase in blood glucose levels.  Diabetics are also advised to engage in daily exercise regimens in order to burn any carbohydrates that they have consumed from their meals.

Diabetic Diets

Planning daily meals based on a diabetic diet can also be quite cumbersome, especially when the food choices are restricted to low-sugar or sugar-free items.  There are also sugar substitutes that could be included in a diabetic diet, designed as sweetener for your coffee, tea, and other favorite beverages.  Sugar-free ice cream and frozen yogurt are also substitute desserts in a diabetic diet.  It is also recommended that diabetics increase their consumption of nuts and vegetables, which are rich in proteins and fiber.


For diabetics that are classified as non-insulin dependent, the chances to cure diabetes are quite high.  A change in one’s lifestyle, including the type of food consumed on a regular basis, can serve to directly cure diabetes.  Simply avoiding high-sugar food items can cure diabetes, yet there are also certain food items that may have been considered as safe for decades but are now considered harmful to diabetics.

How Can Your Blood Sugar Be Effective

According to the Strong Family Heart Study conducted by the University of Washington in Seattle, eating canned meat increases the risk for a person to develop diabetes.  The study involved monitoring approximately 2,000 non-diabetics for 5 years and determining which of the study participants developed the disease at the end of the study.  The study participants were asked to complete a questionnaire that collected the frequency and type of food items that they consumed on a regular basis.  It should also be understood that the study population did not follow a diabetic diet because none of them were diabetics at the start of the study. Interestingly, the canned meat brand Spam was the most commonly processed food item that the diabetics consumed.

In order to cure diabetes, a diabetic diet should be strictly followed, yet who knew that canned meat could turn around the effects of a low-sugar or sugar-free regimen?  The results of the Strong Heart Family study provided useful information for designing a diabetic diet, based on actual prospective studies involving non-diabetics and monitoring their health outcome after five years.  It may be possible that canned meat is considered as a quick resource for meals, even in a diabetic diet, yet other more healthy food options should be considered to cure diabetes.

It is true that biomedical research efforts have continuously conducted studies on how to cure diabetes.  These scientists may come up with a new drug that would effectively control blood sugar levels, regardless of following a diabetic diet or not.  However, it is also important for a person diagnosed with diabetes to actively cure diabetes on a personal level.  The recent report on the effects of canned meat gives us leverage on how to cure diabetes by improving our food choices.  The report shows that it is not the meat that actually increases the risk for developing diabetes, but the processing involved in manufacturing these commercial meat products.  It is thus still safe to eat unprocessed meat and still cure diabetes.  This report will also drive us to be more creative in designing a diabetic diet that would ultimately cure diabetes.

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