Building muscle reduces heart disease mortality

Building muscle reduces heart disease mortality

Building muscle helps reduce the risk of early death from heart disease, so doctors should encourage their patients to partake in resistance and strength training as part of a healthy lifestyle. The researchers analyzed data from over 6,400 Americans with heart disease.

The researchers found that patients with greater muscle mass and lower body fat were less likely to die of heart events or any other causes, compared to participants in other body composition categories: low muscle/high fat, low muscle/low fat, or high muscle/high fat.

Individuals with greater muscle mass generally had higher body mass index, which could help explain the obesity paradox: people with high body mass index tend to live longer. The results stress the importance of maintaining muscle mass as a means of warding off premature death even in individuals with a higher risk of heart disease.

The American College of Sports Medicine suggests that even household objects can help with resistance training such as lifting groceries. More traditional methods include using dumbbells and weight machines.

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