How to bounce back from overeating

overeatingWith the holiday season upon us, you’re probably feeling more sluggish every day as a result of overeating. Your social calendar is stacked and weekends and weekdays are just filled with food. From office potlucks to nighttime dinners, this time of year is centered around food.

As a result, your pants feel tight, you feel sluggish, and you don’t even dare to step on a scale in fear of what the number may say. Furthermore, your digestion may feel out of whack too. You are bloated, constipated, and crampy, all because you are overeating.


So, how can you feel better after a month-long food binge? It’s easy, just follow this guide.

Day guide to combat overeating

6 – 7 AM: Drink water, preferably warm water with lemon. This is not only hydrating, but will stimulate your bowels to help move the previous day’s overeating right along. After your first morning glass, continue to drink water throughout the day.

By 9 AM: Eat breakfast so it can kickstart your metabolism along with helping you eat better throughout your day. It’s been uncovered that those who skip breakfast are more likely to consume a greater number of calories along with unhealthier foods than those who eat breakfast. Make sure your breakfast includes protein, healthy fats, and whole grains so you stay satisfied and energized for longer.

Between 12 and 1 PM: Eat lunch to stabilize your blood sugars and to prevent binge eating later on. Once again, a meal with protein and vegetables is a good option. You will also want a small serving of carbohydrates to prevent cravings later on.

Between 3 and 4 PM: Have a snack, because you know by 3 you’re feeling low in energy and want something sweet. Combat this sugar craving and replace it with something more satisfying and better for you. This is a good time to have a fruit or some veggies with hummus. If you need a pick-me-up, green tea is a better choice than coffee.

Around 5 and 6 PM: Fit in a workout either at the gym or at home. You should also add in physical activity throughout your day, too, to burn more calories. Exercise has been shown to improve digestion, regardless of the amount.

Between 6 and 7 PM: Dinner time! You will want something hydrating and high in fiber. Soups, salads, vegetables, and grilled lean meat are all good options.


9 PM or after: Get some sleep, because this is when your body is able to reboot itself and is an important component of weight loss.

After your day of rebooting your body, you can get back on track and hopefully be wiser when making decisions at your next holiday get-together.

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